Creating a better

future with

web3 & NFTs

Trade your favorite tokens
and NFTs while helping children
in poverty.

  We're not a run-of-the-mill MemeFi project. We're creating a better
    future with web3, NFTs, commissions, and DeFi.
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  Up to 75%                          Up to 60%
    Lower Swap Gas Fees                           Lower Liquidity Gas Fees
Than Leading Decentralized Exchanges

Our Mission

Bruhcrypto Finance is a decentralized cryptocurrency
exchange and NFT marketplace where users can trade
both NFTs and cryptocurrencies while helping children
in poverty.

Why We Should Help

Now, more than ever, education and a stable life are needed
for children who want to pioneer the future. Some children
are not able to access the resources that they need to achieve
their dreams. Our mission is to help the children by allowing
them to curate and sell NFTs for cryptocurrencies that go
straight to their wallets without us taking any of it.

Decentralized Exchange (Beta)

Our DEX is a copied version of Uniswap, a primary decentralized
crypto exchange. Combining their aspects with ours makes the
exchange both user friendly and fast with less gas fees and
failed transactions.
What is a Decentralized Exchange? ↗️


NFT Marketplace (Coming Soon)

Our NFT marketplace focuses on helping children in poverty
by letting them curate NFTs at their own pace with low fees
and sell them for money that they can spend on everyday goods.
What are NFTs? ↗️


Yes, we are safe. All of our actions to the
exchange's code are delayed and require 2 days for an
update to come through as we share the same timelock
as Uniswap.
(More info about the NFT Marketplace's timelock
coming soon)
When their NFT gets sold, the amount of
cryptocurrency that the buyer bought the NFT for goes
to the child's crypto wallet for them to freely hold
or liquidate as our code allows the crypto to
seamlessly flow into their wallets without us taking
any of it.
If the children do not have access to a device,
then we are proposing giving them a device and teaching
them how to use it and Bruhcrypto Finance. If their parents
or gaurdians notify us about their child improperly using
the device, we will set screen time limits and stop when
the parents tell us to do so.
If you take a look at some examples of decentralized
exchanges such as ShibaSwap, KishuSwap, and Dojoswap,
they all lack a few aspects such as an NFT marketplace,
a unique commission structure, and a charitable mission.
Well, we will have all of them.
For us to get people to buy the NFTs, we need to spread
marketing to other platforms and (hopefully) publish press
releases about our mission to get more and more people
interested in using Bruhcrypto Finance's DEX and NFT
Since we charge a commission on liquidity
gains, we plan on using 70% of it to generate revenue,
25% of it to donate to charitable organizations, and 5%
of it to be used as emergency funds.

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Contact us at [email protected]