We're not a run-of-the-mill MemeFi project. We're creating a better future with web3, NFTs, commissions, and DeFi.

Our Mission

Bruhcrypto Finance is a decentralized exchange and NFT marketplace where users can trade cryptoassets while helping children in poverty.

Automated and

Our decentralized exchange, Brfi, and our NFT marketplace, Curatbr are made to simplify the complex process of trading cryptoassets and help children in poverty learn about crypto. We aim to do so by both removing the need for a "central figure" to process transactions by replacing it with smart contracts that automate liquidity, swaps, and NFT trades and giving children in poverty the resources to freely curate and sell NFTs on Curatbr.

can make
a change.

Our Decentralized Exchange, Brfi, charges a commission on 1/6 of the amount that a user earns between when they last added and they removed liquidity in the form of LP tokens representing that 1/6 share. From that, we aim to use 70% of it as revenue, 5% of it as emergency funds, and 25% of it as donations to organizations helping children in poverty.

Gas Fees =

When compared to leading Decentralized Exchanges (Exchanges with a large market share or outreach), our feature of using less gas ensures on average 15% lower miner/gas fees paid, which lets our users save their ETH without decreasing the speed of a transaction on our DEX.

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