We're not a run-of-the-mill MemeFi project.

Automated markets.
Philanthropic comissions.
Trade tokens, NFTs, and provide or remove
liquidity while helping children in poverty.
Spend less for
Level up your trading experience
with lower gas and optimized routes.
Made to get more for less.
Stake tokens and
earn fees.
Earn passively from a portion of
every swap using the token pair/pairs
that you provide liquidity for.

creating a brighter future
with defi.

Less gas, better swaps. Enjoy lower gas on each swap when compared to top DEXs.
0.3 goes a long way. LPs earn a share of 0.3% per swap on pairs that they provide liquidity for.
Your map in the world of DeFi. Use our aggregated routes to get the best rates on each swap.
Curated lists for some inspo. Import token lists to find a curated set of tokens to trade.
Not your keys, not your crypto. We don't control any of our users' crypto. Ever.
Free forever. We don't charge users for access to special features on our platform.
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Made with ♥ in Silicon Valley

Contact us at [email protected]

WARNING: This website is currently under development and could be unstable.